About Us

Behin Exir is the leading supplier and exporter of Iranian pistachios, fresh saffron, and natural asafoetida. We believe that management is the art of using experts in different fields to achieve the best results. Working alongside our group of professionals in domains such as agriculture, toxicology, e-commerce, export logistics, and R&D, we have established a foothold in the international market to offer best-quality Iranian pistachios, saffron, and dried fruits to our valuable customers. We want the whole world to experience the unique taste of Iranian agricultural products. To make this come true, we have gone through the followings stages:

  1. We have investigated Investigation EU standards, ISO (International Organization for Standardization), Codex Alimentarius International Food Standards, USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) and ISIRI (Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran).

  2. Investigation of world trade statistics for nuts, dried fruits, gums, and herbal medicine: we have referred to ITC (International Trade Center), INC (International Nuts and Dried Fruit Council), FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization), Tridge, and other authentic references like nutfruit.org and trade.ec.europe.eu.

  3. Investigation of international packaging and labeling standards: we have referred to ec.europe.eu and ISO 28219.

  4. Making a contract with wholesale farmers and teaching IPM (Integrated Pest Management) and IDM (Integrated Disease Management) principles to them, supervising and controlling cultivation stages, and offering guaranteed purchase of products

  5. Investigation of pests, diseases, and product sanitary standards

  6. Making a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with laboratories for cooperation

  7. Investigation of global competitors and diagnosing manufacturers' and traders' performance in this business

  8. Investigation of the number and causes of similar cargo rejections from EU customs: we have referred to webgate.ec.europa.eu.

  9. Investigation of the newest e-commerce methods, different ways of transferring money like cryptocurrencies, social media, and CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

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Passing the above stages successfully, we found out some deficiencies in the exports of pistachios, saffron as well as dried fruits. Regarding our responsibility toward this business, we strive to fix the problems and become a worthy representative to export these products to international markets.

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Our Top Priority

Customer satisfaction has always been on top of our priority list. Increasing farmers' productivity, providing high-quality and super healthy products with the least amount of toxins, and fast online services are our other priorities.

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Why Choose Us?


We employ expert staff in different fields to meet your needs. Our team is the backbone of our organization as they work nonstop to serve clients with magnificent quality items. We offer you direct access to all our products and cut out the middlemen and increase freshness and provenance. Our double-checking system minimizes errors. Besides, we always respond to you online during working hours and at the earliest during non-working hours. We inform you about the shipping process by sending photos and videos. With the help of the Internet, distances are shrinking. You can always be with us using "Live Camera" on our website. Be sure that your search will end here and you will deal with one supplier for what you need.

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