1Why Behin Exir?

We employ expert staff in different fields to meet your needs. At the crossroad between science and ancestral wisdom of our unique products, Behin Exir combines its knowledge of modern commerce and local production skills to fulfill your requirements.

2Where is your company based?

Our headquarters is located in Shiraz which is known as the Cultural Capital of Iran and near Persepolis with 2500 years of history. Shiraz is the capital of Fars province. This city is the agricultural center of Iran which is well-known for the cultivation of products such as pistachios, saffron, figs, raisins, and asafoetida.

3How can I contact you?

You can always be with us using "Live Camera" on our website during working hours. It is always possible to make a free voice or video call by WhatsApp or Skype. You can also send us your request via email and follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn.

4Why is Iran the main source of pistachios, saffron, and dried fruits?

Iran has the largest area under cultivation of pistachios, saffron, and barberries all over the world and is the exporter of 35-40% of the world's pistachios and 95% of the world's saffron and barberries. Iran is among the top three countries in the production of raisins and asafoetida.

5How can I request a sample?

After contacting our sales assistants, you can request a sample. Give us your address and you will receive your requested sample within 7 working days.

6How can I place an order?

You can contact us via email, WhatsApp, or Skype and request a sample. After receiving the sample, you can place your order and leave the rest to us. Our sales assistants will be in touch with you at the moment of delivering your order and necessary documents.

7How can I make a payment if I buy products from Iran?

Very simple! Like other countries, you can trade with Iran and make payments through our exchangers' business bank accounts or by cryptocurrencies.

8When will I receive my order?

It is variable depending on weather conditions, product type and quantity, time of loading, transit time, and methods of shipment. Do not worry about that. Our dedicated customer service team is fully responsible for preparing and shipping your order quickly. In our organization chart, providing images and written reports of the shipping process is an important principle.

9How do you ship products to your customers?

A variety of available options for shipping goods with different prices and transit times will be suggested to customers when they receive the confirmation order email. You can choose one of the options.

10Which countries do you cover for shipping products?

Shipping by air or sea is possible worldwide, according to the geographical location of Iran, having access to oceans and seas, and proper infrastructure. It is also possible to transport products by rail and land to all of the Asian and European countries, particularly CIS countries, the European Union, the Russian Federation, and Turkey.

11When is your harvest season?

Due to the climate differences each year, the exact time of harvesting is unclear. Generally, pistachios are harvested in Sep-Oct, saffron in Oct-Nov, and gums in the second half of summer. However, our company is able to supply and ship these products to you all year round.

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